Here are a couple of example applications and projects I have built.

Bitcoin news crawler

This project uses Selenium to crawl the website https://cointelegraph.com/tags/bitcoin and collect all the articles urls. From here this will write all the URLs to a text file.

ETF Portfolio Optimization

  • Python
The goal of this project was build off the article https://randerson112358.medium.com/python-for-finance-portfolio-optimization-66882498847 and perform the analysis on sector ETF’s from CNBC. I wanted run the optimization on multiple ETF’s and then use multiprocessing to speed up the script.

WordPress Theme Finder

  • Python
  • Python Flask (backend)
  • React (frontend)
  • Material UI
  • Deployed on CentOS 7, Apache

The goal of this project was originally to crawl a website and find out what WordPress theme the site is using. Now it finds out even more information about the site. I created an API the in Python using Flask that triggers a web crawler on the backend to crawl a website for various information.  

CLI App - New Content Generator

  • Python

This python script is for a client who has a simple blog in traditional HTML and CSS, so everything is hardcoded in the site. I developed a Command Line Application that scrapes the the source code of the site, and then generates a new post and new source code based the on information provided from the client. Then I can upload the source code to the web server and complete the new post.

SalonSort - IOS App

  • React Native
  • Firebase Auth

As a result of Covid-19, hair dressers were forced to change their strategy and see clients one on one. The need for a IOS app to mange their clients and previous visits was needed. I developed SalonSort to solve this problem. Users are able to add clients, and create notes on each visit to keep their businesses progressively overcoming the pandemic.