Hello, my name is ERic sweetman
I am a former professional ice hockey player who aspires to join the tech world. I started my journey by teaching myself to program.

An aspiring IT professional and programmer.

My Story

I started my journey into programming/tech during my 3 years playing professional ice hockey. I started out learning basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but now I’ve developed full-stack applications using React, Python, and SQL.

To give a little more information about myself, I have a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics/Economics from St. Lawrence University where I played ice hockey for 4 years. I played professional for 3 years after graduating in Boise, Idaho. During that time I began learning how to program and instantly fell in love with it. From then on I’ve been building on what I’ve learned, and I desire to learn more. 

Areas of Interest

Here is a list of areas I’m very interested in.

Software Development

I've built numerous command line applications and automated programs.

Data Science

I have built data pipelines for data analysis in R and other various data analysis tools.


Learning is at the forefront of any person in tech. I strive to learn new technologies fast!